Suggestions in this region 7 Regions CENTRO ROTA DA LUZ ÁGUEDA
Pateira de Fermentelos
Ponte sobre o Rio Águeda
Sernada - Freguesia de Macinhata do Vouga
Jardim do Cais das Laranjeiras
Jardim do Conde de Soucena
Jardim do Largo 1º de Maio
Parque Municipal da Alta da Vila
Capela de Sto Amaro


The lake neighbour

Águeda is the headquarters of 20 civil parishes, crossed by the river named after it .Águeda became council in 1853 due to its significant development and a city in 1985. Nowadays it is a commercial, industrial and agricultural centre. In the city’s surroundings, we can find vestiges of Pre-Roman occupation, along with 15th and 17th century buildings. Regional handicraft includes mat production according to the traditional methods, apart from ceramics, foundry, pottery and weaving workshops. As far as the landscape is concerned, Pateira de Fermentelos is one of the region’s main highlights, a vast lagoon, where the waters of Cértima river, a Vouga tributary river, flow. Covered by water lilies, it is a shelter for ducks and migratory birds.


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