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Igreja Matriz do Carapito
Mosteiro do Solar dos Cabrais
Pelourinho e Torre do Relógio
Carapito - Casa do Abade
Carapito - Casa do Abade
Carapito - Casa do Abade
Igreja Matriz da Pena Verde
Dólmen 01 do Carrapito


Forest, granite and medicinal waters

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Situated in the southern slope of the granite Lapa Mountain at the heart of a plateau, 777m high council of Aguiar da Beira has preserved the vestiges of human presence dating back to Pre-historical times. It was inhabited by the Iberian people, the Turduli, the Celts, the Romans and the Visigoths. The remains of those times are still to be seen in several monuments, such as dolmens (Carapito), sarcophagi, fort hills or Copper Age settlements. This deeply rural land has a diversified gastronomy and famous dairy products. All over the council you will find artisanal cheese factories. The region is also rich in natural heritage, comprising one of the greatest wild pine tree areas. The medicinal waters of Caldas da Cavaca thermal stations are born here. In the council’s headquarters, it is worth highlighting the Medieval monuments’ square with the Manueline pillory, the clock tower and the fountain.


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