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A land of castles

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Alandroal belonged to Avis Order that built here its castle. In 1486, it received the “foral” (Royal document). Located near the Guadiana river, this council was transformed by the filling of Alqueva dam. The waters of Europe’s largest artificial lake are quite close to the council’s headquarters and to the historical village Terena. Due to its location near the Spanish border, this region has witnessed throughout the centuries several wars opposing Portugal to Spain. Therefore, the military architecture plays a major role in this council’s heritage: two Medieval castles (Alandroal and Terena) and a 16th century fortress (Juromenha). Alandroal Castle was built in 1298 under the reign of D. Dinis in 1298, in order to defend the Guadiana border. From the top of the castle, the view over the plain is overwhelming. Republic Square is the village’s centre and its main attractions are the Square Fountain and Town Hall, both of them dating back to the 18th century. Juromenha Fortress by the Guadiana river was one of the Medieval castles conquered to the Moors by the first King of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques. Despite being somehow damaged, it continues to be a jewel of military architecture. From the top of its walls, we have a superb view over the Guadiana riverbanks.


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