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Land of mountains and water

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The origins of Alcanena town date back to the Arab occupation of the Iberian Peninsula. Apart from its name, it also inherited human settlement and the development of leather tanning works, which became famous mostly in the 19th century. Even nowadays, there are many leather tanning industries spread throughout the region. The annual Arts & Crafts Exhibit is the obvious result of the whole handicraft activity of the council, presenting works in leather, textile, sculpture and painting. It takes place in October, as well as a gastronomy fair – “Tasquinhas” – gathering and promoting several dishes, a heritage of the killing of the pork and of the meals of the shepherds. It is a must-attend event of the regional gastronomic route, since it is a major success full of quality. In terms of heritage, we highlight the Churches of Nossa Senhora da Graça (18th century) and Manueline style Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição. It has a great natural richness, since most part of the council is integrated in the Natural Park of Aire and Candeeiros Mountain, an extremely beautiful area with several animal and plant species. However, region’s main attraction is the water spring Olhos d’Água of Alviela River, one of the most important in the country that supplied water to Lisbon.


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