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Mosteiro de Alcobaça - Vista Panorâmica
Mosteiro de Alcobaça - Vista Exterior
Mosteiro de Alcobaça - Claustros do Mosteiro
Claustros do Mosteiro de Alcobaça
Mosteiro de Alcobaça - Fonte interior
Fonte no Mosteiro de Alcobaça
Mosteiro de Alcobaça - Claustros
Claustros no Mosteiro de Alcobaça
Mosteiro de Alcobaça - Sala interior


Cistercian land with a blessed monastery

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Surrounded by green hills next to the valleys of Alcoa and baça rivers, the city of Alcobaça has a strong historical tradition related to its monastery, founded by King D. Afonso Henriques, who donated it to the Cistercian Order. This religious Order played an important role in the development of this place, converting it in a medieval cultural centre, promoting its agricultural development, for instance by implementing new techniques that came from France. However, its greatest legacy was indeed the Monastery of Santa Maria, a local landmark, classified by UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1989.The tombs of D. Pedro and D. Inês can be found here, two masterpieces of Portuguese sculpture that are worth observing. Apart form this monumental temple; you must also visit in the city the Misericórdia Church, the castle and the National Wine Museum with an important collection. Apart from wine, Alcobaça is also famous for being a land of good apples and sponge cake (baked in the civil parish of Alfezeirão), as well as for many glass and pottery enterprises. In terms of natural heritage, the region offers very appealing zones for sunbathers, such as the beach São Martinho do Porto with its shell-shaped bay and Termas da Piedade thermal stations. Part of the council’s area is covered by the Natural Park of Aire and Candeeiros Mountain.


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