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Europe's largest artificial lake

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Alqueva reservoir stretches from the surroundings of Elvas to Portel, and it is the largest in the European Union. The reservoir opened new perspectives for regional tourism. The works lasted more than two decades, since this was a huge project that would inevitably have impact on the region. However, since 2002 there was no more turning back, for the dam began to be filled.

In present day, Alqueva is the greatest artificial lake in Europe, covering an 80km long area along the Guadiana River between the jetty (situated east from Portel) and Ajuda Bridge, south from Elvas. The 250 square meter water mirror has deeply changed this region of the Alentejo. Dozens of traditional mills and weirs, as well as the Roman Lousa castle were submerged. Luz village, situated in the left margin, had to be rebuilt in an upper level, and a museum evoking the former village was created.


This giant lake will develop many localities that now have a river front. Even though the main goal of this reservoir is both irrigation and public supply, nautical tourism is currently being developed. There are organised boat cruises along the Great Lake. On the other hand, hotel and restaurant industry will certainly increase, as well as nature tourism, since there are many riverside trails offering a view over the already filled Guadiana valley.


The surrounding zone of the reservoir presents outstanding historical vestiges, such as the Olival da Pega dolmen, Rocha dos Namorados menhir, 16th century Juromenha fortress, the medieval castles of Alandroal, Terena, Monsaraz and Mourão and Esporão Tower. Monsaraz, a village surrounded by walls, deserves a special attention, rising on the top of a hill. It is so well-preserved and authentic that will surely amaze visitors. All these fortresses have always offered good views over the surrounding area; however the water mirror of Alqueva provides now truly breathtaking sights. 


Some of the best wine producers of Alentejo (sub-region Reguengos) Protected Designation of Origin are situated in the immediate surroundings of Alqueva, such as Herdade do Esporão and Reguengos Agricultural Wine Cooperative. Apart from good wines, there is also the delicious lamb stew à Reguengos and Barrancos smoked ham - Protected Designation of Origin. Do not forget to include in your shopping list some pottery pieces of São Pedro de Corval, considered "the Iberian clay capital".


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