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Century-old mines

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Surrounded by small hills, 200m high Aljustrel village is council’s headquarters, integrating five civil parishes. The region has been inhabited since Pre-Historic times, and it was later occupied by Romans. It has a rich soil and subsoil, along with a mine complex composed by three centres (Algares, São João do Deserto and Moinho). Cupric pyrite is extracted from the mines, used in the production of sulphuric acid and in copper extraction. A vast industrial heritage has remained from the century-old exploration of copper mines, partially deactivated though. At the highest peak of the council’s headquarters, you will find 15th century Santa Maria do Castelo Hermitage. The 15th century church Igreja Matriz de São Salvador is one of the biggest single-nave churches in Portugal. Gabriel del Barco is said to have painted the 16th century tile panel. From the former windmills, Town Hall has renewed the Malpique windmill. In terms of handcraft, the miniatures of agricultural and mining instruments, the wooden and cork pieces, pottery, and tile works are quite typical. Santa Maria Feast is celebrated on August 15th in messejana and Santo António Feast on July 13th in Aljustrel.


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