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A masterpiece of military architecture

This quiet village of peaceful streets fills up in March with the cheerful sounds of swallow birds. The white housing contrasts with the granitic walls of the involving fortification. Due to its location near the Spanish border, Almeida was already fortified in the Middle Age. Only the memory of the ancient castle has remained. After the Restoration of Independence in 1640, the priority of D. João IV was to reinforce Almeida. Gradually, a star-shaped defensive complex was being built, using the latest concepts of fortress-building art. Almeida witnessed almost every invasion that occurred in Portugal throughout the centuries. Its walls are the testimony of heroic sieges, surrenders and victories. As we walk along the streets, one can still feel the memory of an intense past. Integrated in the Historical Villages’ programme, Almeida has now embraced a new cause: the defence of its legacy and traditions. Almeida offers a richly diversified gastronomy, some restaurants, cafés and bars, which means that tourism plays a decisive role in this Historical Village. Popular feasts and processions are very common all year long, taking place in all civil parishes of Almeida, still deeply influenced by popular tradition. Situated in region of wild beauty, Almeida is the ideal place to set for a few days and to discover nature, along with other Historical Villages.


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