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Castelo de Almodôvar
Castelo de Almodôvar - Muralhas
Ermida de St.º Amaro
Igreja de St.ª Cruz
Igreja de St.º António
Igreja de Gomes Aires
Estação Arqueológica de Mesas do Castelinho
Ponte Medieval
Barragem do Monte dos Clérigos


From the plain to the mountain

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Almodôvar is located in the borderline between Alentejo and the Algarve regions. As we move southwards, the cornfields and pastures turn into lavishly vegetated hills. Archaeological vestiges can be found in this council, dating back to the Iron Age and to Roman and Arab occupation. Under the later, this village was known as Al-Mudura, meaning Fortified Village. The council’s main church is dedicated to Saint Ildefonso. It has three naves. The side altars are made of late Baroque gilt carved wood, whereas the main altar is Neoclassical. A fire destroyed one of the towers in the 19th century and it was never rebuilt. As far as the council’s heritage is concerned, we should focus our attention on Senhor do Calvário Hermitage, located in Republic Square, and the Medieval bridge over Cobres stream. The village is still famous for its shoemakers and leather artisans. St. John’s Feasts, celebrated on the Saturday before June 24th, which includes an offerings’ parade and a fair, is worth mentioning.


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