Along the coast, from Leça to Azurara

A trip by car that explores the natural beauty of the coastal zone to the north of Oporto, including Leça, and especially the lighthouse and Tea House designed by Siza Vieira.

Exit Oporto by Leça da Palmeira, admire the seventeenth century castle, the garden and the lighthouse. Continue northwards along the beach, and soon you will find the Tea House, Casa de Chá da Boa Nova, a design by Siza Vieira and Fernando Tavora, and almost opposite to the monument to the poet Antonio Nobre, by Barata Feyo. Nearby is the Ermida de Nossa Senhora da Boa Nova, sung by the poet. Continuing north, you will reach the shore of Cabo do Mundo, and soon after, the Beach Paraíso. These are beautiful shores with their adjacent reefs that get crowded in summer. After passing Perafita, you will find, implanted in the sand, the Obelisco da Memória, which marks the site of Mindelo liberal landing in 1830. We are, in fact, south of Mindelo, in the parish of Arnosa de Pampelido. The village and beach in Mindelo are 8 km to the north. Here are the beaches of Marreco and Agudela and then Angeira, near the village of Lavra, where you can admire in the parish church, the famous tile panels of the eighteenth century. Proceed to the beach Labruge after Vila Cha, with its harbor, and finally, the Mindelo, a beautiful long sandy beach, ideal for a seaside stroll or even a swim. Always by the sea, head to Praia da Árvore, in Azurara. In your way back, leave the coast and take the road that comes from Póvoa towards Porto. If you enjoy very fresh fish or shellfish, in any of the beaches mentioned in this tour, you will find small and modest restaurants where you can taste authentic cuisine of the sea.

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