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Sausages’ capital

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Alvito is situated in a slightly elevated spot over the Alentejo plains, 224m high. It is council’s headquarters with only two civil parishes. D. João Fernandes da Silveira was given the first Baron title in Portugal by D. Afonso V. His son, D. Diogo, ordered the construction of a fortified palace in 1494. The profusion of windows and their décor suggest more concerns with comfort, rather than defence. In 1993, the building was converted in a Pousada. Next to it, there is the Manueline pillory. The Manueline São Sebastião, decorated with fresco walls, Hermitage is located in the fair terrain. Below we find a grout, which was the result of stone extraction, used for millstones. The old part of the town has a huge amount of Manueline style carved stones. The main church Nossa Senhora da Assunção is a good example of the Gothic of Alentejo region, altered in the 15th and 16th century, with 17th century tiles and gilt carved wood. Água dos Peixes, one of the best exemplars of Alentejo Manueline palaces (14th century) is located 7km away from the council’s headquarters. The rich diversified gastronomy stands out for the traditional sausage production, which plays a major role not only here, but also in the beautiful Vila Nova da Baiona. Leather works and embroideries are the main handicraft products.


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