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Convento de St.ª Maria do Bouro
Mosteiro de Rendufe
Jardim do Mosteiro de Rendufe
Estátua de Gualdim Pais
Espigueiro Regional
Mosteiro de St.ª Maria
Mosteiro de St.ª Maria do Bouro
Ponte Romana sobre o Rio Cávado
Marco Romano


Heritage and Nature

Amares is council’s headquarters, including 24 civil parishes, located between the rivers Homem and Cávado. Once a former agricultural centre with little industrial tradition, this council consists of a riverside area with some river beaches and of a mountain area, scarcely populated and still related to a system of subsistence agriculture, organized in ledges. The region’s main highlights are: Termas de Caldelas thermal stations next to river Homem, the landscapes of the west side of Caniçada reservoir, and the former Cister abbey of Santa Maria do Bouro. The procession to Nossa Senhora da Abadia sanctuary takes place on August 15th, beautifully located in the middle of a beautiful forest, in the civil parish of Santa Maria do Bouro


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