An alternative to traffic jams

This is a way to enter and leave the Algarve in the summer, in the midst of beautiful scenery and without having to worry about traffic jams or tolls, between Salir and Almodovar.

There are drivers who only enjoy motorways and main routes and do not take the time for some sightseeing nor take a secondary road not even to escape traffic jam. Obviously, this tour was not thought for them. Together with the EN2 recovered section (mentioned in another itinerary), this is a different way to enter and leave the Algarve, when the usual routes look congested, dangerous or too slow. In Loulé, look for signaling to Salir, by the particularly near the bus terminal. Once in Salir, a village with some nice views to the hills and the remains of a medieval castle, enter the EN124, direction Alte and Messines, and a few meters ahead turn right to a road with signs to Almodovar. These first miles flow among olive trees, gardens and traditional houses that seem to erupt from a red muddy, very fertile soil. The section is relatively narrow and winding, and therefore caution is recommended. Near the Pé do Coelho site, the road will cross a deep valley and begin the ascent of an inclined slope, by a stretch well shielded by metallic protections, presenting some 'hooks'. In the area of Malhão, up in the hill, it is worth contemplating the scenery and relax in one of the several terraces. Then, follows a section of the plateau, near Sítio das Éguas, with quite a wide road, easy to drive that unnoticed takes us to Alentejo, leaving behind the forested hills of the Algarve mountains. Henceforth, until Fontes Ferrenhas, the route becomes a bit more sinuous and this is the slower part of the itinerary. Thence north, already in full Alentejo plain, caution will e required in two bridges, as their width hardly enables the crossing of two cars. And so, driving through the calm plains, we reach Almodovar, with its links either to the A2, as for the IP2 and IC2, depending on the desired direction. Access By Via do Infante until Loulé, and then to Salir To have into account This is not a road for speed and some stretches are narrow and sloping. However the drive is calm and does not take long. When Very appropriate in Summer to escape traffic jams; or whenever with good weather Length Some 40 km In the vicinity Rocha da Pena, Querença village and Fonte da Benémola classified site

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