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Land of sparkling wines and thermal stations

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Anadia village dates back to Roman ruling. It became council’s headquarters in 1836. It has nowadays 15 civil parishes, standing out as one of the main centres of sparkling wine production. Anadia wine cellars are among the most famous ones in the country. Monte Castro hill offers a magnificent view over the whole Bairrada region. In Moita civil parish, we find a small thermal station named Vale da Mó, 250m high, with a water spring. The famous Termas da Curia thermal stations are situated in Tamengos civil parish. Here we can find beautiful exemplars of thermal station architecture. In terms of gastronomy, this region is famous for Bairrada suckling pig. The best restaurants are located next to EN1 road up to the neighbouring council Mealhada, with whom it rivals the “suckling pig capital” title.


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