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Vista sobre Angra do Heroísmo e monte Brasil
Sé Catedral de Angra do Heroísmo
Igreja da Misericórdia
Igreja de S. João Baptista
Convento de S. Francisco
Capela do Espírito Santo
Castelo de S. João Baptista
Império do Topo
Praça Velha


The most beautiful city of the Azores was born from ruins

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Placed in a small inlet (in Portuguese, “angra”) next to the sea and protected by the green volcanic crater Monte Brasil, Angra do Heroísmo is one of the most beautiful Portuguese cities, rebuilt after the 1980 earthquake. 3 years later, this city was classified UNESCO World Heritage Site. Founded in 1464, this was the first village of the Azores to become a town (in 1534) thanks to an important trade port, where the ships that made the commercial connection with Africa, India and the American continent always stopped by. In the 16th century, it inherited the title of faithful city, since it fought against the ruling of Castile kingdom. In the 19th century, it was the devoted headquarters of progressive liberalism (against absolutism supporters). That is why it is called “Heroísmo” (literally, heroism), making locals very proud of its name. Nowadays, the important locality of Terceira island still presents a majestic even monumental flair that can be seen in the Baroque style constructions, whose main example is the important Cathedral, as well as in defensive fortresses, such as S. Sebastião and S. Filipe. Apart from these monuments, you should also pay an attentive visit to the Museum of Angra do Heroísmo, Misericórdia Church and Silveira Paulo Palace. For all those who wish to capture the whole essence of the city, they must watch rope bullfighting, an ancient popular expression of Terceira island, where only the bravest face a bull, sometimes holding only an umbrella in their hands.


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