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Igreja Matriz de Arcos de Sabadim
Fachada da Igreja da Lapa
Espigueiros do Soajo
Paços da Giela
Casa Solarenga de Requeijó
Parque do Campo de Trasladar
Mosteiro de Ermida e Rio
Praia Fluvial da Valeta
Lagoas do Soajo


Traditions of Minho region between rivers and mountains

Arcos de Valdevez is located in the foothill of Peneda Mountain at the heart of Alto Minho (High Minho) region, standing out as a beautiful well-preserved town with nature all around and crossed by the peaceful Vez river. During the Middle Ages, it was situated in the most important road connecting the North of Portugal with the South of Galicia, as you can see by the set of medieval bridges. One of the bloodiest battles between Portuguese and León troops was fought here, establishing national independence. Legend has it the river became a true sea of blood during this bloodbath. Arcos de Valdevez is proud of its Manueline pillory and of many religious monuments, especially Senhora da Lapa Church and the monumental sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Peneda, where one of the most important processions of Alto Minho region is held, attracting thousands of believers in the beginning of September. As you travel around the council, you will find countless villages, faithful bastions of some of the oldest traditions of Minho region. For instance, Ermelo with a beautiful monastery by the Lima river and Soajo with one of the greatest and the most important sets of granaries in the country. The municipality is integrated at the heart of Peneda-Gerês National Park, a stage of spectacular green sceneries that can be found in any tourism guide of Portugal.


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