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An untouched nature and genuine villages

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Arganil is famous in the country, since this was one of the most renowned stages of Portugal Rally. It is a modern town with two jewels of natural heritage in its surroundings: Fraga da Pena, an exceptionally beautiful cascade, and Mata da Maragaça woods, both of them included in the Protected Landscape of Açor Mountain. The old Piódão village can be found here, one of the most charming of the region with its schist houses placed around a natural amphitheatre. Not very far in Chãs d’Égua there is an interesting interpretation cave art centre, the first of the kind in the country, organising guided visits to the engraved rock centres, some of them engraved 5 thousand years ago. 500m high Sanctuary of Senhora do Monte Alto is located at the top of Monte Alto, standing out as a true view point, which is exceptionally beautiful and far-reaching. On August 15th a procession is held here, attracting countless pilgrims. Also worth visiting are the viewpoints of Monte Redondo (968m high), Alto do Carvalhinho and Portela do Alqueve. The main local economical activities are ceramics, milling, sawing, resin and textile industries.


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