Around Castelo de Bode

A circuit through a very rough terrain, along the waters of the Zêzere river, dammed in the great dam of Castelo de Bode, on the outskirts of Tomar.

From Constância, the land of confluence of river Zêzere with the Tagus, follow to Martinchel and take a short detour to a first contact with the waters of the lagoon, seen from the seawall of Castelo do Bode. Go then to the north, towards Vila de Rei. Nearby is the Geodesic Center of Portugal, close to the hills of Melriça, with vast views. Scroll down a path amidst pine forests and fertile land, up to Sertã. The white sprawl surrounds the confluence of Sertã and Amioso creeks in the lower part of the town, next to the mill of Rola. Climb to the castle, the town's viewpoint, par excellence. The path continues through Cernache do Bonjardim, with the smell of cut wood that feed the local industrial sawmills. After crossing the Zêzere, turn right to know Dornes, a flowered medieval village. Located at 60 km from the dam wall, it seems lost in time. High on a hill, in a sort of peninsula surrounded by water, and surrounded by highlands, from the white sprawl stands the pentagonal tower built by the Templars in the times of the Reconquest. Following towards Ferreira do Zêzere, in Aguas Belas stand out the monstrance of gilded silver, in the Parish Church, and also the pillory. The Jardim da Praça, in Ferreira do Zêzere, marks the end of this tour. In this village, the crafts deserve mention, with their replicas of river fishing boats and basketry. From here you reach easily Tomar and Torres Novas.

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