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Arruda dos Vinhos council embraces four civil parishes, and it is situated between Estremadura and Ribatejo regions. Despite covering a rather small area, the municipality’s landscape is diversified, offering both mountains and plains. Economically, the council has undergone deep changes. Apart from trade and services, there has been an increase of the manufacturing sector through the creation of new industries. In terms of agriculture, the vine stands out as the most important sector, for the region’s vine production is quite prized and renowned. Some of its major tourism attractions are: its rich gastronomy, bullfight tradition and the existence of some well preserved villages and towns. The Feast in homage to Nossa Senhora is the main event of Arruda dos Vinhos, celebrated since 1531 always on the month of August, during several days. Besides processions, there is also bullfight in the town, as well as many other attractions.


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