Atlantic Coast Route

A journey by car from the Curia spa to the Boa Viagem Mountains, passing by the beaches of Mira and Tochar.

From Curia take, towards the sea, the road to Mira (EN332), passing in Vilarinho and Covão do Lobo. In Mira, proceed towards the sea and the lagoon. Here enjoy a walk by the forest paths or hiring a rowing boat, not to mention the beach itself. Take one of the several paved forest roads towards the south (Figueira da Foz). You can turn onto the right to the beach of Palheiros da Tocha. Proceed south, driving carefully to see the turn onto the left, to the ponds. Located in the middle of National Forest of Dunas de Quiaios, they are a natural curiosity. The largest of these, Vela, has on its the west side, cafes, terraces and promenades. Afterwards, the road approaches Quiaios. It is worth following in the direction of the sea, to enjoy the long beach of the same name, south end of a vast sandy beach that extends to Mira. You can continue a little longer, especially if driving a car not very low, ascending to the village of Murtinheira. There, where the asphalt ends, a dirt road continues along the cliffs of Cabo Mondego up near the lighthouse and the paved road that descends to Buarcos and Figueira da Foz. vehicle should be considered... The views are gorgeous, despite the marks of the fires. Either through this direction, either from Quiaios, it is worth climbing to the viewpoint of Bandeira. You can gaze across the vast forest that extends northward in the direction of Mira and Ria de Aveiro, as well as a stretch of coast extending out of sight. Access By A1 or EN1 To have into account The tour can be extended towards the north, to Ria de Aveiro Length Some 70 km Meals O Painel (T. 231512984), in Curia In the vicinity Ria de Aveiro, Vista Alegre Museum

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