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Canal central - ria de Aveiro
Barricas de ovos moles de Aveiro
Edifícios arte nova
Ecomuseu da Troncalhada - Salinas
Barco Moliceiro
Canais da Ria no centro da cidade
Sé Catedral de Aveiro
Praça do Peixe - pormenor da calçada
Teatro Aveirense - fachada


Inspired by Venice

Aveiro is one of Portugal’s most surprising cities. First of all because of its topography: the blocks and the “ria” (drowned river valley) get mixed, whereas the channels replace the streets in the central zone. Apart from this already significant feature, civil architecture is particularly striking, from the Art Nouveau typical houses, dating back to the 20th century, to the projects of some of the most prestigious Portuguese architects, such as the former municipal library by Fernando Távora to the university campus by Siza Vieira. It is a lively city due to its privileged location by the sea and by the river and also to the university that stands out as an important centre of scientific and technological research. Gastronomy is influenced by sea flavours, but the sweet specialities are one of Aveiro’s highlights, especially the famous and prized “ovos moles” (sweet eggs), some of them sold in wooden barrels, others fish-shaped or in other animal shapes. A pioneering free bike project – the BUGA – takes place in Aveiro. This was the forerunner of Paris “Velolib”. This city is situated in the Vouga river mouth, 60km away from the south of Porto and 40km north from Coimbra. Aveiro ria is separated from the sea through a 50km large sand stripe between Ovar (in the north) and Mira (in the south). The exit of the commercial port and the shipyards is located in Barra. Next to it we find one of Europe’s highest lighthouses. Immediatley in the south, there is Costa Nova beach, offering multicoloured peculiar constructions, the “palheiros”. The salines cover the whole landscape, embracing a 50 thousand hectar area, most of them classified as Envionmental Interest Area by the European Union. The city’s feasts ocuur in the middle of May, in homage to Princess Holy Joana, patron saint of Aveiro. Worth highlighting are the following feasts: São Gonçalo Feast in the middle of January, along with the Ria Feasts on the month of July or August (according to the tides) that includes a “moliceiro” boats’ competition.


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