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Half Portugal, half Spain

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Barrancos council is a unique case in Portugal, due to its timeless isolation, on the one hand, and to its location near Spain, on the other hand. This situation led to the development of a very particular culture, whose main highlight is the “barranquenho” dialect, clearly influenced by Spanish. The bullfight tradition, according to which the bulls are killed in the arena, is also the result of that cultural identity, inspired by what happens on the other side of the border. In recent years, during the town feasts, this has been a quite polemical issue, since Portuguese law strictly forbids the death of the bull in the arena. In terms of gastronomy, Barrancos is famous for its local sausages (“catalães”). Historically speaking, the integration of Barrancos within Portuguese territory was by no means a peaceful process. In 1283, it was donated by Castile King Afonso X as a dowry for Princess D. Brites, who married that time Portuguese monarch Afonso III. After the Restoration of Independence, in 1640, Barrancos witnessed again the fights against the Spanish kingdom. It was not until 1712 that this dispute would be solved by a treaty between the two states. In the surroundings of Barrancos, you will find a jewel of Medieval military architecture, Noudar Castle.


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