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Botes e Moinhos de Maré
Moinhos de Vento e de Maré
Rio Tejo - Avenida da Praia
Parque da Cidade
Parque da Cidade
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Moinhos de Alburrica - Passeio no Tejo
Moinhos de Alburrica - Passeio no Tejo


Industrial city in the Tagus estuary

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Barreiro was one of the first Portuguese industrial centres, where chemical and metallurgical industries have settled, thus determinig the identity and the characteristics of the locality. Still, in the last years an enormous effort has been made in order to transform the city with quite interesting results, as for instance the City Park or the attached exhibit centre. For more than one century, the trains heading to the Algarve and the Alentejo departed from here (hence the rail tradition of the municipality). The connection was made by the river, and this boat tour is still interesting, offering beautiful panoramic views over both margins of the estuary. In the city, you must visit the Main Church and Misericórdia Church, which stands out for its beautiful tile panels. Tidal mills spread throughout the council that survived to the 19th century also deserve a closer look.


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