Beauties of Dão

A route between Penalva do Castelo and Sátão, via Rio de Moinhos and exploring some of the most beautiful and least known landscapes of the Dão Valley.

In Penalva do Castelo do not miss to visit the House of Ínsua and its surrounding gardens. Also known as the Manor of the Albuquerques, it was built in the late eighteenth century, by Luis de Albuquerque de Melo Pereira e Cáceres, captain of Mato Grosso and Cuiaba, Brazil. The wealth and fame of this garden lies in the variety of its species, from local ones to trees and shrubs from around the world. In the village, you can also visit the Baroque Misericórdia Church (XVIII century), decorated with good sixteenth century paintings from the School of Viseu. Leave Penalva by the southeast, taking EN329 to Mareco. Cross the Dao and turn right. amidst chestnut and oaks. After Mareco turn onto Castelo de Penalva, towering the valley of the Dao. On the way to Sezures and before the bridge over the Dão, you can see the Roman bridge on the right. Crossed Sezures, you are in the heart of the Dão Wine Region. In Esmolfes, the large local production is not the wine but the local variety of apple: Bravo Esmolfe. Turn right onto Rio de Moinhos, and follow by EN329. Go across the village and take the right until Rãs, between cultivated fields and villages with stone houses. See the Sanctuary of Senhor dos Caminhos, by the waterfront. Proceed towards Sátão but in Decermilo, turn right, to Lamas, visiting the river beach of Levada, by the Vouga river. Resume EN229 to Sátão, where you should not miss the Parish Church. Take the road to Viseu (EN229), and then to Contige, being the intersection marked by portentous eucalyptus. Continue south towards Ladário and Rio de Moinhos, where this tour ends. Access By A25 till Penalva do Castelo sliproad and EN329-1 When With good weather regardless of season Length Some 50 km Meals Santa Luzia (T. 232459325) and Cortiço (T. 232423853) in Viseu In your way back, Termas de Alcafache, Castelo de Celorico

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