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Land of wine and marble

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This town, located in the surroundings of Estremoz, is known for its white marble quarries and vines, which have been successfully exploited throughout the centuries. Três Bicas Drinking Fountain and Servas Church are important attractions. Borba is the centre of a singularly picturesque region with plenty of water. It was conquered to the Arabs in 1217 by D. Afonso II. In 1302, D. Dinis granted Borba the first “foral” (Royal document) that become a town. The council is situated in the wealthy marble zone, producing quality wine, pure olive oil, Rainha Cládia plum and cheese. Borba Wine-growers Association is included in Alentejo Wine Route. It is possible to visit the wine cellars and to taste wines. Noteworthy are the numerous antiques’ stores, specialised in furniture and rural artefacts.


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