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A lively noble city

Located in the northeastern extreme of Trás-os-Montes region, 700m high and 22 km away from the Spanish border, Bragança city seeks to conciliate tradition and modernity. The recently renewed historical centre has a pedestrian walk along the margins of Fervença river that crosses the city. By the river, you will find a Live Science Centre. In this area, you cannot afford to miss highlights such as the cathedral and Camões square. In the upper town, the Medieval castle and the walls surrounding the town rise over the city. It is a very beautiful zone, worth a visit, where time seems to stand still. From the top, you can contemplate the hills that embrace the city, as well as the forest areas stretching north, which is Montesinho Nature Park. Worthmentioning at the centre of the city is Abade de Baçal Museum for its profuse ethnographical and archaeological collection. In the middle of Montesinho Nature Park, there are plenty of preserved villages, such as Montesinho (the park is named after it), Rio de Onor and Guadramil, considered true ethnographical centres. Local gastronomy is famous for the kid and regional sausages. On August 22nd, local holiday, take place the feasts in homage to Nossa Senhora da Graça. Apart from history and heritage, Bragança council is rich in traditions. The enigmatical and interesting feasts “Festas dos Rapazes” and “Festas dos Caretos” (between Christmas and new year’s eve) are two noteworthy examples. The creation of a Polythecnic Institute in the city has reinforced an already ancient tradition of nightlife, for Braga is a surprisingly lively city.


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