By the Vicentina Coast

A trip between the town of Aljezur and the Praia do Amado, visiting, in between, some of the treasures hosted by this coast such as the beaches of Arrifana and Carrapateira.

Since this tour starts in Aljezur, you can take advantage of visiting the ruins of the castle (which is an excellent viewpoint over the valley) and the nearby beach of Amoreira, north of the village, where the Aljezur creek streams to. Drive to the south by EN120, but about 1 km after the village, go right, towards Monte Clérigo. Follow those signs until you reach the beach, where a small stream flows. Continue south until finding new directions, on the right, to Arrifana. Depending on the crowds, you may have better in parking the car at the top of the sidewalk that leads to the beach, to avoid inconvenience. It is indeed a beach that is worth seeing: a long crescent of sand, with its rocky cliffs, curving back towards a natural obelisk, in the midst of waves, in the south. It's called Pedra da Agulha and is one of Costa Vicentina icons. Unless you have a all-terrain vehicle and are familiar with this coast, there is no other way out of here except by returning to the junction with the EN120 where this ride began. Take this road to the right in direction of Lagos, but keep in mind that in the bifurcation of Alfambras you should go to the right in direction of Sagres. The route will cross a stretch of mountains, descending, winding, towards another of the jewels of this coast, the beach Carrapateira. It is a vast beach, by far the largest in the neighborhood, which begins on the north with a chain of dunes, almost Moroccan, making the transition between the high rocky cliff and the beginning of the shore. This shore expands, then, to the south, widening a lot, and forming a huge beach which could contain, for example, the entire Guincho. On the south side you find the main parking area and the ladders leading to the beach. The beach can also reached from the village where you can also find some interesting restaurants. But do not stop your ride here. Depending on your strengths and preferences, on foot or by car, go around all the rocky peninsula that extends south to reach the last of the large beaches of this coast, Praia do Amado. The cliff that rises, high in the south, will offer these features until Vila do Bispo and Sagres, just opening here and there, briefly to offer beaches such as the Cordoama or Castelejo. Access From north (Odeceixe) or south (Lagos and Sagres) by EN120; from Monchique by EN267 To have into account In Summer, in the access to Arrifana, you may have to deal with some traffic and parking difficulties Length Some 45 km Meals Café Correia (T. 282639127) and Eira do Mel (T. 282639016 ), in Vila do Bispo In the vicinity Cordoama and Castelejo beaches; São Vicente Cape; Sagres Point

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