By Train from Covilhã

One of the lesser known but no less beautiful train rides in the Portuguese railway network between Covilhã and Guarda.

Although the fast trains end their march at the station of Covilhã, the truth is that the Beira Baixa line does not stop there, continuing up to Guarda. This allows an interesting but little-publicized tour by train, in a railcar from the regional service, through imposing landscapes, often alongside the A23. After its departure from Covilhã the railcar will draw a series of curves enabling the view of the city, and of the houses along the slope, until crossing the road leading to Guarda and the river Zêzere through high and panoramic viaducts. The train begins to leave more and more Serra da Estrela behind, although this remains always as a reference landscape, visible in the left. Aside from the good views, this trip has the characteristic that most stations are located quite far from the towns they serve, being the most extreme case the one of Sabugal, at a distance of nearly 40 km. Belmonte station is 3 km away from Belmomte village, though the silhouette of the Pedro Alvares Cabral's land is quite visible from the train. Where the journey is at its most is when the train starts to move in full view of the A23, though in the opposite side of the valley. This track is a marvel of railway engineering of the nineteenth century, with a line installed in a narrow stone mantel, supported, on the side of the slope, by extensive and solid stone supporting walls. The many metal bridges crossed by the railcar are painted in unusual colors, including light blue. Overall this is a tour with no great speed through a panoramic route and will leave fond memories to those who make it. Access By Beira Baixa Line, until Covilhã Station To have into account Connections are available with Intercidades fast trains, from Lisbon and via Entroncamento and Abrantes Meals Belo Horizonte (T. 271211454) and Aquariu`s (T. 271230157), in Guarda In the vicinity Guarda Cathedral and the city historic center

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