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Casario na Fajã de St.º Cristo
Igreja na Fajã de St.º Cristo
Fajã de St.º Cristo
Obelisco na Fajã de St.º Cristo
Igreja da Fajã de St.º Cristo
Fajã de St.º Cristo
Fajã de S. João
Percurso entre Fajãs
Reserva Natural do Ilhéu do Topo


The land of the “fajãs”

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Modest peaceful Calheta is located in an irregular plain in the south coast of S. Jorge, a 70km long island, which is only 7m wide and has the shape of a stone aircraft carrier. Council’s major attractions are the countless “fajãs” (a flat land by the sea formed by loose cliff parts or by ancient lava delta) spread throughout the territory. Spectacular Fajã de Santo Cristo is worth highlighting. Here you will find a lagoon of peaceful waters (the only place in the Azores where clams are raised) surrounded by a green landscape. Not very far from here lays Fajã dos Cubres, other natural paradise of the municipality, regarded as an important natural sea bird habitat. In the town, you should visit the Main Church of Santa Catarina built in the 16th century and São Jorge Museum depicting life in the island. Calheta local economy is mainly based on agriculture, dairy and fish transformation industries, even though clams collected in the Santo Cristo Lagoon are the main typical dish of this land. In term of handicraft, the main products are São Jorge bedspreads, woven in ancient looms.


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