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Forte da Ínsua
Forte da Ínsua
Forte de Âncora ou Lagarteira
Conjunto Fortificado de Caminha
Igreja Matriz de Caminha
Ruas de Caminha durante as Festas do Concelho
Praia do Moledo
Pontão do Porto Carro
Serra d´Arga


Lusitanian bastion in Minho river estuary

Situated in a place of rare beauty in the estuary of Minho river, which is its borderline here, century-old town Caminha was an active character in all the tensions and fights between Portugal and Spain. King D. Dinis granted it the foral (Royal document), King D. João I transformed it in a free port and D. João IV in 15540 ordered the construction of the strong walls around the city. The main goal was always to defend Lusitanian territory. This region is rich in terms of historical heritage that can be admired in numerous monuments, the Main Church being its main jewel and the Clock Tower (between Municipal Square and Rua Direita street). Along winding streets there are also beautiful manor houses, chapels and decorated gates. Vila Praia de Âncora and the beautiful Moledo beach are the bathing and fishing zone of the council, while in Vilar d Mouros, a council’s village, a music festival that attracts many visitors. The feasts of the town of Caminha are more popular, taking place every year in August in homage to Santa Rita de Cássia.


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