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Land of feasts and coffee

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The famous Flower Feasts are already a great highlight of this Alentejo town. However, a few years ago, a new attraction emerged in Campo Maior: the Coffee Museum, describing the history of this drink and the memories of the roastings built here by the Nabeiro family. More recently, in 2007, the wine cellar Adega Mayor opened its doors, consisting ofa n innovative project conceived by architect Siza Vieira. Campo Maior was integrated in Portuguese territory under the Alcanizes Treaty in 1297. The castle was rebuilt in the beginning of the 14th century and improved in the 16th century. Facing the Restoration War and the never-ending Spanish threat, bastions were built in the wall. The fortress survived the assault of General Bay, who tried to conquer it during over a month, supported by an army of 90.000 men, in 1712. However, on September 16th 1732, a lightning fell over the keep, also the gunpowder magazine, causing an explosion and several victims. The bones that cover the chapel’s walls, built in 1766 next to the main church, may be the ones of the explosion’s victims.


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