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A land of heroes

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The council of Carregal do Sal is located in a plain zone of Beira Alta region between rivers Dão and Mondego and Estrela and Caramulo Mountains, surrounded by pine forests and rye fields. The name of the town derives from a plant called “cárrega”, quite abundant in the region, as well as from the salt (“sal” in Portuguese) that was stored in great warehouses in a place now called “Salinas”. The most ancient human vestiges of the municipality can be found in the dolmen Anta da Lapa da Orca, classified National Monument. However, its main attractions are the typical towns and villages spread throughout the council. For instance, Oliveira do Conde has many manor houses (Casa da Ceia, Casa do Conde and Solar das Albergarias) and a beautiful main church. Cabanas de Viriato evokes the legendary warrior Viriato who lead the Lusitanian revenge against Roman ruling. Aristides de Sousa Mendes, Portuguese consul in Bordeaux, who against the Portuguese government of the time granted thousands of visas, saving approximately 30 thousand persons from the Nazi troops, was also born here. He lived and died in Carregal do Sal. His former house is quite damaged, however many persons pay homage to this hero by planting dozens of trees in the gardens of the house.


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