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Jardim do Paço Episcopal
Museu Francisco Tavares Proença
Miradouro - vista sobre a cidade
Colcha de Castelo Branco
Ruínas - Castelo
Queijo de Castelo Branco
Ponte do Passado
Linha da Beira Baixa
Edifício do Banco de Portugal


A city with history and personality

The passing of time has left its traces in the city of Castelo Branco, considered the capital of Beira Baixa region. The ruins of the Templar castle, the beautiful Baroque gardens of the Bishop’s House, several 15th century portals of its historical centre, the manor houses of local families and the recently renewed modernist building Cine-Teatro Avenida are some of those traces. Internationally known for its magnificent bride bedspreads, Castelo Branco knew how to take advantage of its influence to embellish the city. If you take a closer look, you will see that the bedspread motifs have been preserved in the basalt and lime drawings of the Portuguese pavement, filling many of the city’s streets. This artistic work, carried out by anonymous pavement workers, requires a lot of patience. In the second week after Easter, the procession in homage to Nossa Senhora de Mércoles takes place in the city for three days. Despite its inland location, Castelo Branco has been trying to attract industries to the region, in order to avoid desertification. The marks of some recent transformations, namely under Polis programme, can be easily seen, mostly in the city centre: the rearrangement of the wide square next to the Civil Government building, the construction of several tunnels and underground parking, as well as a new garden, in addition to the gardens of the Bishop’s House. The city has good accessibilities, in terms of railway connections through Intercidades service and highways (A23), in the surrounding area


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