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Reserva Natural da Sapateira


Sea, mountain, plain and river: everything in just one council

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Inhabited by several people such as Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Visigoths and Arabs, Castro Marim was for centuries an important war square thanks to its location by the river, the sea, the plain, the mountain and, naturally, the border with Ayamonte. Its strategic castle, rising upon the town nowadays, was erected by King D. Afonso III around the ancient Moorish fortress. Several cannon batteries are the living testimony of Medieval artillery. São Sebastião Fort, rising upon the borderline hill, also had a military purpose. In present day, you can contemplate an immense landscape of great beauty, stretching to Spain, from both places. Council’s economy is based on fishing, salt production and boats construction. Nevertheless, tourism plays an increasingly important role, mainly because of its hot water fine-grained sand beaches (Altura, Retur and Praia Verde). It is also worth highlighting the Natural Reserve of Castro Marim Fen Area, a true paradise of plants, migrating birds and crustaceans, situated between the town and Guadiana.


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