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Land of artisans and hunters

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Castro Verde council comprises five civil parishes, and it is situated in the south zone of Beja district in the middle of the Alentejo plain. Cattle fairs have an historical relevance, such as Feira de Castro. Neves Corvo copper mines are very important for national economy. This region offers privileged natural conditions for hunting, due to its rich wild fauna. The council’s headquarters was embellished by public art pieces, including sculptures conceiverd by Cutileiro, among others. In the surrounding area, you will find some interesting churches, such as Santa Bárbara church, a place of Pre-Roman cult; Nossa Senhora de Araceli church (on the border with Mértola) or São Pedro das Cabeças church, evoking the legendary battle that took place in Ourique between D. Afonso Henriques and the Moors. The League for Nature Protection has created a Centre for Environment Education in Vale Gonçalinho. The main gastronomic highlights are artisanal cheeses, meat, sausages and homemade bread, a main ingredient used in the highly acclaimed “açorda” (bread-based speciality), along with several sweet specialities. In terms of handicraft, Castro Verde is famous for Alentejo mats, pieces in whrought iron and Alentejo violas.


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