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Linhares da Beira - Vista Geral
Jardim Sacadura cabral
Necrópole de S. Gens
Castelo de Linhares da Beira
Janela Manuelina em Linhares
Capela de S. João
Capela de S. Pedro
Desportos Radicais em Celorico da Beira


The capital of Queijo da Serra cheese

Celorico da Beira, an 800 m high mountain town located on the left riverbank of Mondego, has an impressive mountain landscape of snow and granite, integrated in the Natural Park of Estrela Mountain. The most interesting place in the locality is probably the magnificent castle (founded in the Roman period), surrounded by small streets with typical granite houses. However, history has left many marks as shown by beautiful manor houses, century-old chapels and churches (like Santa Maria Church), old bridges and Roman roads. Nearby you must also visit the Historical Village Linhares da Beira, a well-preserved Medieval style village. Here you will find an impressive castle that is now scenery for radical flights of paragliding fans. In terms of gastronomy, we must highlight Queijo da Serra cheese. Therefore, the town has won the title “Capital of Queijo da Serra cheese”. Here you will find the manor house Solar do Queijo da Serra, the Farmer and Cheese Museum and a fair that happens once every two weeks, attracting visitors of the whole surrounding region. The Feast of Senhor do Açor in the civil parish Açores is also a crowded feast, regarded as one of the greatest district’s processions.


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