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Pottery is one of the oldest art forms and one of the most significant forms of expression of a people's culture and customs, and Portugal is no exception.  Low quality, rudimentary clay utensils evolved into the most artistic china pieces, beautifully decorated  and made of the finest clay.


Until the 15th century, china was known in the old continent only because of the stories of Marco Polo and due to some pieces brought over from the Orient. With Vasco da Gama`s discovery, in 1498, of the sea route to India, Portugal become the only country trading this type of pottery in Europe. However, the first "crockery, china, glass and chemical processes" factory, called Vista Alegre, was created only in the beginning of the 19th century. Later, others followed, giving origin to a tradition in the manufacturing of this kind of pottery. The quality and originality of the pieces is always present, both in table china, decorative china or even in sculpture. For admirers, there is always the chance of obtaining a piece from a royal delivery or a special collection. And, in spite of the rush of modern times, it is possible to buy, from the biggest national brands, hand-made and hand-decorated pieces, 100% handcrafted, gold plated and with carefully performed details. A work of delicacy that became famous around the world.




In Portugal, glass and crystal are almost a synonym of Marinha Grande, a town near the coast, 140 km away from Lisbon. This ancient tradition began in mid 18th century with the creation of the "Royal Glass Factory". Later, other factories were created and today glass and crystal remain the greatest historical and social mark in the region.


Produced with state-of-the-art technology, our crystal is the result of a conjunction between the modern industry and the ancient tradition of manual production in every stage, both in modern design and classic style pieces. Moulding techniques, such as blowing, can create pieces of a rare beauty and quality - works of high artistic expression, which can reflect feelings and emotions, while at the same time preserve their functional characteristics. From crystal table and bar sets, to decorative pieces, to plain ones used for engraving, all of these are charming objects which reflect the transparency, purity and brightness of crystal.

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