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Edifício da Câmara Municipal
Palácio Sotto Mayor
Museu zoológico
Igreja Matriz
Ruinas romanas de Conímbriga
Ruinas romanas de Conímbriga
Ruinas romanas de Conímbriga
Capela com Louro
Corrida de Cântaros


The guardian of Conímbriga

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treasuresThe town of Condeixa-a-Nova is situated in the right margin of Soure river stream, a tributary river of Mondego. It has always been related to Conímbriga, an important Roman city born in the 2nd century B.C. The existence of this town dates back to 1219. In 1502, King D. Manuel granted it the “foral” (Royal document). It was by then that this land truly prospered, as shown by Sotto Mayor Palace, Sás Palace and Figueiredos Palace. The council has a mountain area with some population settlements placed at the heart of the mountain, as well as an agricultural character, for this activity was one of the main local income sources. More recently, there has been an increase in the number of industries, due to its privileged location near Coimbra and important roads. Apart from the ruins of Conímbriga, you must visit in this council the medieval civil parish Ega, preserving several Manueline monuments, the Natural Reserve of Paul de Arzila and Buracas do Casmilo, speleological phenomena, which resulted from the falling down of the central part of a mountain. The admirers of writer Fernando Namora should also pay a visit to the house where the artist was born. His painting heritage as well as of other painters is on exhibit here.


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