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It is in the centre of the town that we find manor houses with porticos decorated with coats of arms and beautiful churches like Misericórdia, Santo António and São Pedro churches, this later presenting an outstanding tile panel of Eastern inspiration. Situated in the right riverbank of Sorraia river, its ancient Moorish castle offers a view over the vast fertile fields, where an intense activity takes place, in terms of agriculture and livestock breeding (wild cattle, cereals, pine forest and cork oaks. Coruche is actually one of the main cork-producing regions. The river is rich in fish, and also the stage of sport fishing contests or even aquatic ski activities. In terms of natural heritage, protected sites Açude da Agolada and Açude do Monte da Barra are two privileged leisure and rest spots. If you are more into bullfighting, this town has a great bullfighting arena, where important Portuguese style bullfights are held. Approximately 45km away from council’s headquarters, you will find Antas do Peso, dating back to the Neolithic and Copper Age.


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