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Vista Aérea do Castelo do Crato
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Palácio do Grão Prior
Ponte Romana no Crato
Castelo do Crato
Vestígios do Castelo do Crato
Convento da Flor-da-Rosa
Anta Grande do Tapadão


The town of Malta friars

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Located at the top of a hill, the remains of the Medieval castle look over the town. Its construction dates back to the 13th century, by the time Crato town was donated to Hospitaller Order. During Restoration War, in 1662, the Spanish troops of John of Austria have plundered and set fire to the town, and the archives of Malta Order disappeared. The castle suffered irreversible damages. Flor da Rosa Monastery is located in the surroundings, once the headquarters of Hospitaller Order. In 1991, it was converted in a Pousada. It was built from 1351 to 1356 by Frei Álvaro Gonçalves Pereira, father of Constable D. Nuno and prior of Hospitaller Order in Portugal. In 1527, Hospitaller Order was named Malta Order. In the following year, Infant D. Luís, son of D. Manuel, became the head of the administration, adding more facilities to the convent. In 1910, Flor da Rosa Monastery is declared National Monument. Three decades later began the renewal of the church’s apse and the convent’s ruined part. The tomb of it founder was transferred to this town fifteen years later.


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