Crossing the Tagus

Lisbon can only be truly appreciated from the Tagus river. Therefore, it is suggested a circular itinerary until Almada, returning to Cais do Sodre. Take the train to this city in any of the mentioned stations. There are many and frequent connections. After rolling a few moments through the 'back' of Avenidas Novas, the train begins to follow the Alcântara valley. This provides the first panoramic view of Lisbon waterfront, evidencing the old Tapada da Ajuda (Institute of Agronomy, on the right) and Tapada das Nacessidades (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the left). The crossing of the Tagus by the lower deck of the bridge is a unique moment, the traveler hesitating whether to look to the left, in the direction of Terreiro do Paço, or to the opposite side, to the mouth of the river. A tunnel leads to Pragal station, where this first part of the tour ends. The modern underground in the South Bank will provide, as from December 2008, a convenient and fast connection to Cacilhas docks (there are, however, several buses to ensure this route) where you should take the boat to Lisbon. If you feel like walking, you can turn to the high end of Almada (passing near the hospital and over the Praça da Portagem) and get down to Cacilhas, where you should look for signposts indicating the access to the historic centre and the panoramic elevator that will allow you to go down to Cais do Ginjal.


Regardless of how you reached this pier (by elevator or by underground train to Cacilhas), it is worth a visit, for its great view and also for the restaurants and terraces, suiting all tastes, t be found at the base of the elevator. Have a memorable experience in summer, seeing the night falling over Lisbon, when the city lights begin to light up. Then, just take the Cacilheiro boat to Cais do Sodre and enjoy the city view from the river. If you look in the direction of Terreiro do Paço and the Arch of Rua Augusta, you will have the illusion of sitting in a theater watching the opening plan of the movie "Song of Lisbon" (Cottinelli Telmo) and some scenes of "Recollections of the Yellow House "(Joao Cesar Monteiro).


Access: By the South Line, departing from Oriente, Roma-Areeiro or Entre-Campos stations, all connected to the underground network. Return by the pier in Cacilhas, catching the boat to Cais do Sodré.

To have into account: For the ride to be pleasant, avoid the morning and afternoon rush hours, since both the train and the boats are much used as main home-job transports.

When: With good weather, regardless of season

Other: From the Pragal station, you can use the South Bank Underground both to go down to Cacilhas, or go on foot by the hospital until the Upper Almada, continuing through the historic district and taking the panoramic lift to the west end of Cais do Ginjal.

Meals: Restaurants and terraces in Cais do Ginjal, with views of Lisbon, e.g., Atira-te ao Rio (T. 212751380).

Other spots to visit Miradouro do Forte de Almada, Santuário do Cristo-Rei.

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