Cycleway of the Minho River

A most beautiful pedestrian or bike tour, between the vicinity of the railway station of Valença and the Park of Senhora da Cabeça, at a distance of 3 kms from Monção, amidst the wonderful landscapes of the Minho river.

The former Casa da Vigia da Linha, at Ponte Seca in Valença, has been refurbished to house the Ecotrail Interpretation Centre. Along the way station of Cortes, in Monção, a new building was built for the same functions. These hosting structures welcome the ecotrail users, and provide for parking areas, green areas, information boards and interpretation of the trail. In the spaces of the old stations, bathrooms and shelters were recovered to support to users. The old Friestas station, about halfway in the Ecotrail, had a broader intervention that included the creation of a parking area and a recreational area. In Friestas, it was built a wooden shelter, according to the outlines of the old Railway Warehouse, to support the recreational area. The Ecotrail is intended for walking and cycling and seeks to strengthen the region's tourism offering this new product from Nature, which reveals some of the most beautiful features of Minho Valley. The route of the Ecotrail provides tours through vineyards, fields, contacts with the Minho river, streams, and even views of the fortress of Valença, the Tui Cathedral and the Tower of Lapela. The morphology of the site allowed the creation of some viewpoints with privileged views over the river Minho and the plains. There rustic benches and interpretation panels have been placed. Along the way, signs provide information enough enabling walkers and bikers to understand the cultural, natural and landscaping resources that emerge along the route. Access: Valença When: In Spring or Summer Length: 9km (to the county border)or 13 km to the Parque da Senhora da Cabeça (Monção)

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