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Igreja de S. Miguel
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Torre da Igreja
Monumento aos Mortos da Grande Guerra
Procissão da Sr.ª do Alívio
Lenço dos Namorados


Green are the fields…and the wine

Situated in the left margin of Homem river, Vila Verde sets the transition between coastal line and the inner region of Cávado river basin, covering two highly contrasting areas. The south zone has low altitudes and valleys, while the north zone has bigger elevations and a mountain barrier. The whole council presents truly beautiful natural features, from the green that covers the lands to several rivers, water streams and springs, where numerous fish species develop to the delight of sport fishing lovers. The first development signs can be felt, but wine culture, especially green wine, corn, rye, and fruit trees still are in the basis of its economy. Municipality preserves some Romanic churches, several manor houses and typical villages, a truly valuable heritage. Most of them preserve region’s historical features and traditional customs. Local gastronomy (such as “rojões” - small fried meat pieces – and roasted kid in the oven) has many followers, however the main attraction of Vila Verde are the famous embroideries, especially “lenços dos namorados” (Lovers’ Handkerchiefs), made by local women since the 18th century as a gift for their men as a sign of love. If they wore them in public, it would mean that they loved them back.


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