Discovering Gerês

In Caldas do Gerês, down the block from the Hotel Universal, make a left hook, pass the bridge over the river Gerês and follow the direction of Braga. After 500 meters turn onto the right, following signs "Cruz Vermelha" and "Residencial ", 600 meters further, go up through the right, to Campo do Gerês. Scroll over the 1.2 km upwards through the the left. The road is very pretty with beautiful views over the valley and Caldas (be careful because this is a very narrow two-way road). Admire the fall of water at Ribeira das Saias, on the left as you begin the ascent. After the football field you will see the source of Quinta da Buraca and the stream of Forcada. After 4 km, the road describes a series of curves with views over the Caniçada reservoir. Further on, the landscape changes and you will go across a plateau with meadows and granite cliffs. In the opposite side of Gerês mountain, cultivated slopes indicate the existence of villages. The first is Campo do Gerês. At the entrance junction, there is one of the landmarks of the ancient Roman road of Braga to Astorga, serving as a pedestal to the figure of Christ. Close by is the Museum of Vilarinho das Furnas, in memory of the village community submerged in 1972 with the filling of the dam with the same name. You can choose to visit the village and the dam of Vilarinho das Furnas (a dirt road that skirts the lake, rising up until Albergaria bushes and the boundary of Portela do Homem, with conditional access in the summer). You can also turn left and descend to Covide (2 km) with its Center for Traditional Arts and Crafts. You can also go by the shortest route. In such case, follow the direction 'Carvalheira' and 'Bom Jesus das Mós'. You will find the medieval bridge of Eixões, over the Roda creek. Go until the Youth Hostel and continue to the village of Carvalheira (2 km). To see the magnificent view from the top of the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus das Mós (altitude 684 meters) cross the village and turn right onto a paved ramp. Go back to the road and continue the descent. Before reaching the EN307, you will know where is the source of the Fastio Waters. Take the right on the national road and go downwards to Terras do Bouro, with the valley of Homem on your right. 4.2 km after entering the EN 307, make a right hook and go down to Gondoriz. After the bridge over Homem, you will begin a long and beautiful climb to the village of Brufe. At the entrance, a plaque recalls the hard times of World War II. A paved road goes down to Porto Vale, near the dam, where there is a small dam on the creek Gemossura. To continue the journey, make the same way back. Ignore the road to Curtinhas on the right and after 500 meters, go to the right, direction 'Cutelo/Vergaço'. Go ahead after the cross and after 2.6 km follow the signs' Germil / Ponte da Barca. " Germil is a village with traditional houses and cobbled path. Cross the main street. After the last houses on the right is a waterfall. Then comes a descent of about 8 km, between mountainous landscape, with the Lima Valley in the distance. After a sharp decline, with some curves, it reaches the road from Entre-Ambos-os-Rios. If you turn left, you will take the EN203 connecting to Ponte de Barca or to the historic villages of Soajo and Lindoso. If you go by the left you will reach to the village of Ermida. Visit the falls of the Carcerelha creek and the village of Carcerelha, then going back to EN203 by the same path. Start: Caldas do Gerês End: Ermida To have into account: If the weather is adverse (fog and snow) some portions of the tour should be avoided When: Spring/Summer Length: 70 km

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