Douro River Cruise

An unforgettable trip from Oporto to Régua on board of the tourist cruise boats that sail up the Douro, taking advantage of the system of sluice-gates of the several dams.

The tour starts in Porto, next to Ribeira, and follows upstream the river on a long journey of rare beauty. As the boat departs, one can see the Port Wine Cellars, on the left bank, in the shade and hit by northwestern winds. The bridges occupy the first few minutes of travel. First, the D. Luis Bridge, then the D. Maria and soon after the railway bridge of S. João and the bridge of Freixo. Near Ribeira do Abade, the width of the river is huge. Just above, the Casa Valbom, where on June 30, 1874, the Gramido convention was signed, bringing to an end the Patuleia uprise. Then, the dam of Crestuma / Lever gets closer as well as the sluice-gate that enables to continue this journey upriver. It follows Melres, where you can see where the crossing to Lomba used to be made. A succession of lands and the marginal road follows the river until the impressive dam of Carrapatelo. There, the landscape changes and the vineyards make their first appearances on the slopes. And the journey continues to Régua with the river winding through the vineyards. Start: Porto End: Régua To have into account: There are several companies organizing this kind of cruises. In the tourism station information is available. Usually, the travel includes a meal and the return to Oporto, departing from Cais da Ribeira or Cais de Gaia When: Spring or September/October

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