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Locomotiva no Museu Ferroviário
Manômetro no Museu Ferroviário
Jardim do Parque José Pereira Caldas
Jardim do Parque José Pereira Caldas
Capela de S. João Baptista
Parque do Bonito
Locomotiva no Museu Ferroviário


The railway capital

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This city is situated in the intersection of the northern and eastern railway lines. Its first inhabitants worked in the railways, garages, material parks and warehouses. In the last decades, trade has increased and new industries were created (such as ceramics industries, for instance), however the railway sector is still city’s main employer. Railway tradition of Entroncamento is well depicted in the National Railway Museum, whose greatest attraction is the roundabout locomotive building, where visitors can watch old steam locomotives and coaches. This is also the land of the Portuguese anedoctal “phenomena”. The designation was first used in the 50’s decade of the 20th century. According to popular accounts, peculiar, extraordinary or even fantastic events took place here, still deserving media coverage nowadays. It is told that in that period a local salesman put a giant pumpkin in the shop display, in order to attract passers-by and clients. From then on everything was possible: big-dimensioned fruits and vegetables, three-legged chickens and other nature prodigies.


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