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Igreja Matriz de Espinho
Orla Marítima em Espinho
Praia de Espinho
Concurso do "Homem Estátua" na cidade de Espinho
Igreja Matriz de Espinho
Passeio Pedestre da Praia de Espinho
Capela de Nossa Sr.ª da Ajuda
Castro de Ovil
Fim de tarde na praia de Espinho


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The city of Espinho is probably named after the place Espinho-Terra, located in São Félix da Marinha civil parish, within Vila Nova de Gaia council. In the end of the 18th century, with the anglers’ arrival during the first fishing operations, this beach turned into Espinho-Mar (sea). As time went by, Espinho-Mar was more than a city of anglers, attracting sunbathers, seduced by the beauty of its beaches that became very popular not only in Portugal, but also abroad. The increase of local population, industry, services, trade, and a lively week fair have led to the development of Espinho. The former city centre has been vanishing under constant sea invasions, for the oldest buildings of the city date back to the beginning of the 20th century. Thanks to its crystal-clear waters and golden sand, it was named “queen of Costa Verde (green coast)”. Quite recently, in April 2008, a barrier has been broken with the completion of the North line burial works that made the full connection between the city and the sea quite difficult. The already lively tourism-oriented city will therefore become even more dynamic, offering new experiences to its visitors.


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