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Land of carnival

Situated in Baixo Vouga region, Estarreja benefits from the Aveiro ria (drowned rover valley) and its channels. The whole council is crossed by river streams, but Antuã river is by far the most significant one. Vila Antuã was ther former designation of the current council’s headquarters, by the time it was given the “foral” (Royal document) by D. Manuel in 1519. Worth highlighting in terms of local heritage is Egas Moniz Museum-House, in the memory of the first Portuguese Nobel Prize (in Medicine).The most famous gastronomic specialities are: eel “caldeirada” (typical Portuguese stew) and roasted veal. Estarreja Carnval stands out as an important tourism event, dating back to the 19th century. During this period, the city offers a lot of entertainment and joy.


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