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Vista panorâmica do Castelo
Torre do Castelo
Torre do Castelo de Estremoz
Portas do Sol em Evoramonte
Igreja da Sr.ª da Conceição
Castelo de Estremoz
Vista do Castelo de Estremoz
Estátua da Rainha St.ª Isabel
Castelo de Estremoz


Fascinating city

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Situated at a hill, 50 km away from the Spanish border, Estremoz is council’s headquarters, including 13 civil parishes. It is located at the so-called “marble zone”. The city is protected by Ossa mountain range and surrounded by walls and bastions, along with a Medieval keep. It has two perfectly separate zones: the old town near the castle and the modern town, stretching through a plain area, organized in wide streets, avenues and squares. Decisive events took place here during Restoration of Portugal’s Independence. In 1926, Estremoz became a city, famous for its beautiful marble used in architecture and handicraft, mostly figurative clay pieces. The clear marble keep, where D. Dinis and Queen Santa Isabel used to live, is nowadays a historical Pousada. You should visit one of the several marble quarries of the region.


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