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Distinguished by UNESCO

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In 1987, Évora’s historical centre was classified World Heritage by UNESCO, granting this city well-deserved international fame to one of the most beautiful and well-preserved Portuguese cities. Peculiarly, the common denominator of the three Portuguese cities distinguished by UNESCO does not lie in an overwhelming monumentality, but in the harmony of the whole, consisting of common houses, Portuguese pavements and noble buildings. This does not mean, however, that Évora does not have impressive monuments. On the contrary, São Francisco Church with its Bones’ Chapel and Roman temple are some examples. Not to mention Garcia de Resende Theatre or D. Manuel Palace. However, as mentioned before, what truly matters is the whole, since it is quite uncommon for an historical centre to remain almost unaltered and well preserved to the present day. Évora has everything a true regional capital needs. First of all, the University, founded in the 16th century, which has stimulated local life in the latest years. The connections to the rest of the country are good. The highway is located 10km away, as well as fast direct trains from and to Lisbon. In adition, the city benefits also from several sport and leisure facilities, such as the bike path, located in the former Ramal de Mora railway network. You can enjoy both a walk and a bike ride; at least to Graça do Divor, 12 km way. City’s restaurants, hotels and surrounding area are also worth mentioning.


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